Thursday, November 7, 2013

Very frustrated

       Here is a little background information first.  I had my little girl 10 days early.  My pregnancy was great and my laboring was going good too, just a little long.  Well, after my baby was born, she let out a little cry, my husband cut the cord, and she went into cardiac arrest and her heart stopped for 18 minutes.  She was then transferred to another hospital where she stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks before coming home. 

      Well, after being home for about a month, she appeared to have a seizure.  Well, let me just tell you it freaked me out.  It wasn't long at all, less then a minute, but I took her to the ER nonetheless.  After blood work and a couple more episodes, they admitted her into the hospital.  I let them know how it seemed to have started when I changed her to liquid formula instead of the powder, and the doctor said because of her test results and the length of the seizures, he doubts very much that it is seizures she is having.  He said that he thinks it is Sandifer's Syndrome caused by acid reflux.  It is where the body responds like a seizure to the pain of the acid. 
   I really hope that that is what it is and I can bring her home soon. 

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