Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well it has been a week since Emily has been back from the hospital and she is doing great.  The only problem I am seeing now is that she is starting to get a harder stool from the added rice in her formula.  Hopefully though that will change as her body gets used to the new formula.  I am also happy to note that she is finally starting to outgrow her newborn clothing and fitting into 0-3 month clothes a lot better.

Now that everything is getting back to normal, I am going to focus on trying to get back to my pre-baby weight and maybe even better then that.  I am just really going to start focusing on eating healthy and trying to work out when ever I can find the time.  I have about 40lbs to lose and I hope to have it gone  by the time my little girl turns 1.

I will keep everyone posted on my success and also post great recipes that I find along the way.  I know it is going to be hard at first, but I am tired of living in sweats and yoga pants.

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