Tuesday, November 5, 2013

About Me

          My name is Jennifer and I just gave birth to a little girl on September 16, 2013, which means I have a 7 week old right now.  I am very excited to finally have our little bundle of joy, but am also realizing now all the things I miss not having a baby, like sleep. 

       Well I had my 6 week check up at the doctors last week and everything was good to go and I got the ok from my doctor to start working out and going about my regular routine again.  I just need to take it slow.  I am happy to hear that, because as of right now the only clothes I can fit into are my sweats and yoga pants.  I did actually go and by a pair of jeans the other day, 2 sizes bigger then what I was.  I can not believe how much extra skin I know have around my stomach.  Everything is so loose and it just needs to go away. The only problem is how do you work full time, take care of a new born, clean the house, make dinner, and then find time to work out when you are already sleep deprived to begin with?

   I decided to write this blog about my journeys of trying to navigate through this new chapter in life and trying not to go crazy in the process.


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